We believe in providing individual and family centered service to our clients. We provide our service with heart and with passion.
Our main focus is our clients.

We aim to provide the best care and therapy service in our area.


Founded in 2006 in Singapore

Aidan Rush Speech Therapy Practice is an organisation that utilizes evidence based practices to treat and educate individuals and children with various developmental and learning difficulties

such as

Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Children with Down Syndrome, Sensory Integration Dysfunction & Disorders, Social Skills Difficulties, and Pragmatic Disorders, Children with Speech and Language Difficulties, Developmental Language Disorders as well as slow and struggling learners in Primary Schools

Our goal for each child is reflected in our logo that

“Communication matters, Every child matters:”

Our Team

Our Therapists at Aidan Rush Speech Therapy Practice takes great pride in our reputation of providing a personal touch to our services. We are a team of very experienced Therapists. We are consistently providing feedback to our main stakeholder which are our valued clients (our students and their parents).

Our team hopes to bring understanding and clarity of the therapy process to parents, caregivers and teachers by providing parent meetings, school visits and community seminars.


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We offer a service that complements the curriculum in mainstream primary school and in special schools.

Home programmes are also created to assist the families by encouraging the child to use the skills that are taught in therapy and to generalise the skills in other domains of learning.
We do hope that we have the opportunity to meet with you as well as to share the results of our intervention with your child.
Our services involved a unique, comprehensive and personalised approach to each child.
We have therapists working together to provide the best service in which we provide an effective evaluation, collaborate with parents, caregivers and the child’s school and teachers.
At Aidan Rush Speech Therapy Practice, we are strong advocates of parent training.